Boosting Opportunity in Hull and Hessle

I am passionate about social mobility, I want to see young people having the opportunity to achieve whatever they want - no matter their background. 

Working people stand to benefit most from Conservative policies designed to maximise opportunity and empower them in how they live their lives. Beyond Brexit, I will be championing policies which will benefit you and your families, with priorities based on what matters most to you. 

Under Jeremy Corbyn Labour has abandoned working people with his ideological commitment to failed socialist policies which would destroy jobs and leave everyone worse off. Millions of traditional Labour voters have been let down and taken for granted by a party which does not understand their aspirations and ambitions for their families.

Because of Conservatives in government jobs are up, wages are rising and those on the lowest income have benefited most from tax cuts. I want us to go further, as your MP, I will be a champion of social mobility - working to ensure that we all get on in life. Labour has failed you, it is time for a change.