About Scott Bell

Born and raised in Yorkshire and Humberside

Scott and his twin brother were born in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and adopted by his parents in Hull at an early age from a family in Driffield.  This has had a lasting impact on Scott; having been lucky enough to be raised by loving parents, he now focuses his efforts on improving social justice and mobility for all, especially those from a young age.

Scott attended the local comprehensive, Hessle High, and played for Sunday League football teams across East Yorkshire, he has a deep affinity to all things Yorkshire and Humberside. Scott’s father works for a local East Yorkshire bus company and his mother worked as a dinner lady at the local school.

At school, Scott established mentoring schemes to help support younger pupils through their GCSEs, organised litter picks and arranged book drives to fundraise for school trips, ensuring all parents could send their children.

A career in the private sector, advising global firms to get Brexit ready

After reading politics at the University of Hull, Scott then went to work for the Halifax bank in West Yorkshire before moving to New York to work for an investment firm.  Upon his return to the UK, Scott moved to London and currently works as a management consultant , managing project teams and advising firms on delivering change - most recently Brexit.

Local champion and dedicated social justice campaigner

Scott is active in the local community and recognises the power and impact they can have across the country. As a passionate social mobility campaigner, Scott believes that we all should be able to achieve our full potential no matter our background.

 Scott serves as a school governor, chairing the business committee at a local primary school, where he has also taken on responsibility for the ‘pupil premium governance’– working hard to ensure all our children are able to reach their potential, regardless of their circumstances at home.

Scott also works with the Social Mobility Foundation, mentoring teenagers from under-privileged background and helping and supporting them with university applications and career decisions in the hope of getting more of our young adults into their dream jobs.

A desire to be level up the North

Labour is no longer the party of working people. My family and I have experienced unemployment and a lack of opportunity; having been through that I share the desire to ensure the Conservatives restore pride in the North and level up our communities with increased investment and a growing economy.

A keen charity runner

Outside of his day job, community work and party activities, Scott is a keen runner. For now, he regularly runs 10k’s and half marathons and particularly enjoys running alongside the River Humber – he is slowly building up to a marathon!