Scott Bell welcomes government response and commitment to Hull and the Humber region

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has responded to Scott Bell

Scott Bell welcomes the positive response received from the government with regard to its commitment to the Hull and Humber region, in particular chemicals company INEOS’s proposed investment.

Scott has obtained confirmation from the government that officials have held preliminary discussions with the INEOS representatives to gain a better understanding of their intentions. The government are now awaiting further details from them and will review this in line with standard procedures and regulations.

Scott notes, “I am pleased the government is actively working to bring more jobs to the area. As Conservatives, we recognise that Hull and Humberside has a well-earned and long-standing reputation as one of the UK’s leading industrial regions.”

“The Hull and Humberside area is also very well placed to benefit from our Industrial Strategy. The strength of innovation-focused sectors in the area and close links with the region’s leading industrial university (University of Hull) enable the area to respond well to the challenges and opportunities provided by EU exit.  The Industrial Strategy includes:

  1.  Strength in Places Fund that will provide up to £50m to projects to support local and regional innovation
  2.  The £1.7bn Transforming Cities Fund which Hull Council have bid for and;
  3.  Regionally-focused local industrial strategies, one of which is being developed by the Humber LEP

Additionally, the clustering of key industries in Hull and Humberside means it is likely to further benefit from investments and funding from Sector Deals under the Industrial Strategy.”

Scott continues, “I will continue to campaign on behalf of the region for the best possible deal. Being from the area, I am passionate to ensure we all have the best opportunity to provide stability and comfort for our families”.